What is Vial?

The nucleus for logistics services in the Basque Country: over 9,000,000 m2 for logistics uses

The VIAL project brings together all that Álava has to offer for companies to carry out their logistics activity. The project was born with the backing of Basque institutions to increase awareness of Álava’s long-standing logistics potential and turn it into the logistics benchmark of the north of Spain, and a leading enclave on the logistics map of Europe.


Adapted to the characteristics of each company.

In the most strategic enclave in Southwest Europe, with great potential for cargo generation in the immediate surroundings and ample intermodal services covering all modes of transport. Availability of land with high logistic value at competitive prices.

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We inform and provide consulting for companies seeking a location of immense logistics value in Álava

Promotion of Álava’s nucleus for logistics services.

Running of the logistics forum, through the organisation of Álava’s international logistics forum, Transmodal.

Identification of the best logistics services for each project.

Study of the specific characteristics of each project.

Organisation of guided visits to VIAL’s facilities.

Legal and tax advice for the execution of your project in Álava.

Communication and coordination with local public administrations and financial support agencies.

Support for local logistics companies and suppliers.

Identification and monitoring of subsidies and incentives programmes run by local institutions for specific projects.

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Qué es vial