A logistics hub with intermodal transfer for all modes of transport


The largest logistics platform in the north of Spain

2,000,000 m2 for logistics uses.

Located in a privileged enclave of road and rail intersections on the Cantabrian-Mediterranean route and the Atlantic Corridor, close to Vitoria International Airport and Jundiz Industrial Park. The Port of Bilbao has its own railway with direct access to these axes.

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Important companies from different sectors are located in Arasur: DSV, MRW, GEFCO, PUERTO DE BILBAO (logistics and transport). ENAGAS, Aeroblade (energy sector), TALGO (railway), BRIDGESTONE (rubber) and GESTAMP (automotive). In addition to these is the Campus Data Center, an important centre for the storage of large-scale data and information. Arasur’s infrastructures include the railway terminal at the Port of Bilbao and the largest photovoltaic park to date in the Basque Country, Ekian, containing 67,000 solar panels. Another macro-solar park covering 200 hectares, Ekienea, is under development.

Vitoria International Airport

Hub for major companies offering international integrated services

Global connectivity in 24-48 h.

At the centre of the Atlantic Corridor

4th airport in Spain in terms of freight volume.

First class aeronautical infrastructures to accommodate the world’s largest cargo planes.

3,500 m of runway.

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Terminal for perishables and live animals.

Boasting a long history in the management of complex goods-handling projects, it offers a made-to-measure service covering all the processes of air freight, from ramp and terminal handling to special handling, charter operations, and so on.

Operating at Vitoria International Airport are leading international logistics and air transport companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL. The latter has its own hub for Southwest Europe at the airport, where it carries out 28 air operations by night and over 60 by land from Monday to Friday.


Logistics Platform on the Atlantic Corridor, linked to the European Transport Network (TEN-T)

Instalaciones de Mercedes-Benz en CTVi
Mercedes-Benz facilities at CTVi

Connected to the Intermodal Logistics Platform of Vitoria

Thanks to its connectivity with the Port of Bilbao, it allows the processing of goods with a sole transport card. In addition to customs, other services includes its large public warehouse, weighbridges, business centre, bonded and tax warehouse, protected parking for industrial vehicles and hotel and catering infrastructure.

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Established in 1989, the Intermodal Transport and Logistics Centre of Vitoria (CTVi) is home to big companies that have set up part of their logistics management there, including:


At just 10 minutes from Vitoria International Airport, at the epicentre of the vast hub of production activity in Jundiz – one of the largest business parks in Europe – it is directly linked to the nearby ports and adjoins the urban outskirts of the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz.